Shorey Consulting works with nonprofits to identify and implement programs to solve social problems


Nonprofit organizations are running businesses with social improvement as the goal rather than profits

Nonprofits should have coherent social opearting models designed to achieve the desired mission

Social opearitng models need to address both the social problem and how to run the nonprofit as a business using resources effectively


Shorey Consulting works with nonprofits to craft social operating models based on what is required to meet the social mission in a manner that can be sustained financially

Shorey Consulting partners with organizations to achieve their social missions through the strategy development process and through continuing coaching and support

Developing Visions

National Network of Legal Service Providers
Situation The local service providing chapters had an unsustainable model that required too much lawyer time to meet the client needs. How could they improve the outcomes for the target vulnerable populations at much lower costs?
Approach Create consensus on the desired social change and the steps to achieve that change. Understand the alternative approaches to service delivery and their economics. Develop programs to utilize existing non-lawyers.
Result Develop model that used existing staff already in the "gatekeeper" role and automated systems to resolve many standard problems. Reoriented training resources to focus on creating automated systems. Provided training kit to roll new model out to local providers.

Creating Viable Social Operating Models

Social Enterprise Serving At Risk Youth
Situation The social enterprise integrated youth training program with online sales of donated items. What was critical in this model, how should it grow and was it sustainable?
Approach Distinguish elements of the model focused on youth development from the social enterprise. Understand operating and cost drivers for social enterprise. Determine allocation of costs between youth development and business operations. Involve youth in analyzing and understanding data and implications.
Result Redesign social enterprise operations to support scale and new locations. Create focused approach to obtain donated items. Create reports and metrics for operations and youth development. Implement monitoring system for operating, financial and youth development progress.

Achieving Implementation

Local School Based Education Program
Situation Executive director sought to grow organization and her own skills to lead that growth. What did she need to learn and do to make this transition successful?
Approach Meet regularly to coach on organizational change and personal management skills.
Result Develop new plans and growth goals in the face of very difficult funding climate. Reconsider the role and composition of the board. Identify and recruit additional advisors and resources to support organization.